​Who we are – Triton Duro is a recognized worldwide leader in design and manufacturing of high-efficiency electric motors and generators for standard and special applications, offering creative and innovative solutions that meet the highest technical requirements in power reliability and energy efficiency. Our state of the art products meet and exceed customer specifications and conform to applicable IEEE, NEMA and IEC standards.  We are also one of the leading service providers for ensuring high reliability and optimal performance of rotating power equipment within the utility, oil & gas, and industrial processing industries.​

What we do – We design, build and optimize electrical equipment such as wind turbine generators, induction/synchronous generators, hydro generators, and specialty motors for the power generation market.  With our extensive services network in the Americas, we can quickly and comprehensively offer expert field services support, maintenance, repairs, replacements, OEM modernizations and upgrades support of components, such as gas, steam and wind turbines as well as generators, in large-scale and industrial power plants, and compressors for the oil and gas industry.  

 OEM partnership- By working with our OEM partners we are continually looking for ways to increase the performance of our customers’ operating plants in a market being driven primarily by an aging power plant fleet and the rising demand for increasing the efficiency of existing plants in order to obsolescence. This is done by meeting with our OEM partners and using their solutions during the schedule outages.

About Us

Energy solutions for life


VALUES                             VISION                              STRATEGY

 - Trusted to perform above the rest and deliver the best

Who we are and how we behave matters. We have a strong heritage, as one of the most powerful brands and a responsibility to maintain a business that is strong and successful. Everyone is trusted to deliver excellence, this is a statement of value everyone can understand, take confidence from, be inspired by and always strive to achieve.


VISION - Energy solutions for life

We are committed to innovation and continuous pursuit of improvement. At the forefront of science and technology, and with a deep customer insight, we are in a strong position to meet the demands of, and create opportunities in, our fast-changing world.


STRATEGY - Solutions for our customers, innovation and profitable growth 

Our ambition is to be the world-class supplier and solutions provider to the power generation market by having the best relationship with our customers, and in the delivery of excellence. To achieve this, we apply lean and cost effective processes, simple and effective operations, and a strong commitment to operate to high quality and ethical standards.